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Once you love the soup, the homey atmosphere of The Soup Kitchen, and the original concept, you’ll want to find out more – if you’re an entrepreneur interested in becoming a part of what is proving to be one of the most successful budding new restaurant concepts.

And what does Entrepreneur magazine have to say about one of Americas hottest restaurant concepts? In a previous article, they recall a Seinfeld episode featuring a soup vendor who served up caustic curses with his cups of steamy soup. His product was so desired by customers that they endured the Soup Nazi for their portion of ambrosia. According to the magazine, that show was a major impetus for the expansion of the soup restaurant market. It was instant, free publicity, broadcast nationwide, that called attention to the soup restaurant concept, and added to its success.

Entrepreneur points out, appropriately, that entrepreneurs interested in getting into the market had better hustle while it’s still young. But because it’s still young, it’s difficult to research industry failure rates, costs of doing business, and other vital statistics.

And that’s what we want to talk to you about. Three very prosperous owners of The Soup Kitchen locations just may convince you to join The Soup Kitchen family and grow with us. We’ll share with you the market and product research, operating experience, and bottom-line management that has led to our success. One thing research will tell you: The Soup Kitchen concept is ready to explode in the United States. It’s original, it’s homemade, and it’s good.

The franchising route could provide a tasty alternative for entrepreneurs who can’t find investors to fund the high cost of opening company-owned soup restaurants. . .the costs of operating a (company-owned) single soup restaurant can boil up to nearly $300,000, says Entrepreneur writers.

That’s why our franchise agreement can make it very attractive for you to join our family. And, according to the magazine, one owner’s five eateries are expected to hit the $7 million mark, and another owner projects its four restaurants should gross between $500,000 and $1 million each.

Yes, quickly. Because The Soup Kitchen, established in 1980, is now one of a growing number of soup kitchen chains. What Bob and Jean Bardorf began, we want to see grow into a national dining tradition.

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