How much is the franchise fee?

The fee is $25,0000 per unit at signing of agreement.  Multi-Unit and Development Agent Agreements available!

What is the term of the franchise agreement?

The initial term is for ten years. It can be renewed under the then current terms for a minimal additional franchise fee, for an additional ten years.

Will my franchise provide for a protected territory?

Yes. However, actual protected area will vary with the demographics of the location.

Does “Soup Kitchen Management Co.” sell you the equipment?

“The Soup Kitchen” can provide for a turn-key operation. However, each franchisee can usually purchase the equipment directly and obtain more favorable cost. The equipment must meet “Soup Kitchen Management Co.” specifications. We will be glad to recommend suppliers to you.

Can the equipment be leased?

There are many leasing companies throughout the U.S., and we will be glad to locate one for you. However, leasing is entirely dependent on the financial strength of the franchise.

What initial services do I get for the franchise fee?

Initial services include assistance in site analysis and selection, interior layout and renovation assistance, advertising aids, management training program, post-opening assistance, locating acceptable vendors.

What Is the size of the average unit?

1,750 to 3,000 square feet with seating for 50-150 people.

What product am I required to sell and can I add to the menu?

You are allowed to sell the approved menu items; other items can be served but must be approved in writing by the Company as consistent with the image and quality of “The Soup Kitchen” system.

What training do I receive as a new franchisee?

All franchises and/or managers are required to attend a 10-14 day extensive training program. They will receive actual in-store training. In the pre-opening days of your operation, a “Soup Kitchen” representative will be on hand to assist in training.

I am very interested In the system. What is my next step?

Contact Rick Ford at: rickford@thesoupkitchen.com  or (865) 705-8580.  We  will then personally contact you to discuss of the great opportunities!