Franchise Fee

The initial franchise fee of $25,000 is payable upon signing of franchise agreement,
Great Multi-Unit and Development Agent agreements available.

Summary of Estimated Expenditures

Description of Expenditures Estimated Amounts
 Low High
 Rent  $1,500  $3,000
 Lease & Utility Security Deposit  $2,000  $3,000
 Leasehold Improvements*  $50,000  $75,000
 Equipment  $30,000  $50,000
 Fixtures  $5,000  $10,000
 Initial Inventory & Supplies  $3,000  $3,000
 Insurance  $2,000  $4,000
 Training  $2,500  $4,000
 Grand Opening Advertising  $3,000  $3,000
 Signage  $2,000  $4,000
 Working Capital  $5,000  $ 10,000
 Office Equipment and Supplies  $1,000  $1,000
 Miscellaneous Expenses  $2,500  $5,000
 TOTALS  $109,500  $175,000

*Besides this total estimated cost, a Franchisee must consider additional construction costs which will vary in relation to square footage and type of store.

In addition, the cost of construction, leasing or purchasing real estate, the mechanical package, leasehold improvements, permits and licenses, etc. must be considered. All or part of these costs may be amortized by the landlord in rent payments. They could, however, be a part of your initial cash expense.

Product Quality

Being an owner-operator store, your commitment to maintaining product quality, store-cleanliness, efficient customer service and overall management control is ESSENTIAL. Like any other modern business system, ours requires continued management and supervision. Our intensified training program will give you the “tools”-you will have to work with them.